Department Leasing

DPS has redefined the business of new and used Car Prep and Delivery!

DPS will provide a clean car and good CSI every day and eliminate the daily hassle for your management team!

With years of experience and dozens of talented detail technicians and managers, our customers can focus on selling cars while we sweat the “details” of keeping both the lot looking perfect and the customer happy. Because of our size and diversity, we are able to up or down size to flex with the changes in today’s unpredictable market volumes. This way our dealers don’t have to deal with the hassles of hiring and/or firing to accommodate the ever changing demands of retail.


Dealer Profit Systems is your best choice to provide quality, CSI sensitive services for your dealership because:


  • We can turn the “Detail Department” into a profit center through our innovative approach and product line.


  • We can cover increases in workload instantly through transfer of employees within our group.


  • We provide open to close, 7 days per week coverage with supervision to make every delivery perfect for your customer.


  • We use only brand name, quality and environmentally safe products which gives you a better job and protects your dealership from liability.


  • We carry the highest limits of liability insurance in the industry which gives our dealers the peace of mind that they deserve from an outside vendor.


  • The personnel we staff your dealership with are 100% our employees and have successfully completed drug, criminal background and DMV screening. We are a Florida Drug Free workplace.


  • We can offer multiple services managed by capable people who know your business. PDI, key trade, car wash, Inventory management, accessory installation and profit programs are an example of services.


  • Our billing and accounting system is geared to you, our customer, to eliminate problem areas often experienced with “outside” vendors such as double billing and price issues.


  • We have served Florida dealers since 1973 and many of the dealers we acquired in the beginning are still satisfied DPS customers.


Top 10 Reasons Dealers should outsource the detail department


  1. You may eliminate many employees from your payroll, as well as the associated liabilities, expenses and general “people problems”. We handle all that.
    You expect, we perform.
  2. Dealership management talent is not used up in non-productive, non-revenue producing tasks. Time and talent used by your parts manager, service manager, used car manager and accounting personnel to manage detail and accessory people can be put to use much more productively.
  3. Expense control in one of the most expense intensive departments is able to be done much more effectively and with much less effort. You negotiate a price for what we do, that is all the control you need to be concerned about. It is up to us to control chemical cost, waste, labor costs, merchandise costs, freight costs, insurance and loss control, security and training costs, etc.
  4. Dealership cash flow enhanced, we have paid employees and equipment bills in many cases long before our bill to you becomes due. This cash is much more productive invested in used cars rather than in detail expenses.
  5. You have the ability to instantly cover large influxes of cars due to build out arrivals and/or large auction purchases. Cars will be put on the lot and ready for sale when you want them, regardless of the personnel necessary. This is done by transferring, on a temporary basis, from one of our other on-site centers.
  6. You are able to demand quality, on time work and expect it to be done, as opposed to “negotiating” with direct employees and tip toeing around sensitive employment issues.
  7. All new and used car preparation charges are at a fixed cost per car. The cost never varies.
  8. Inventory shrinkage, lot damage and the associated unknown and usually surprisingly high costs are eliminated in the area of detail and accessories.
  9. You make use of management talent that lives and breathes the detail/accessory business everyday, and devotes 100% of their time to running a successful and efficient business. There are many people behind the scenes at DPS that make things happen.
  10. You take advantage of the latest state of the art electronics and appearance products as they are available. As your vendor, we attend various product shows and seminars and stay abreast of the latest and the best available products.